How do I describe myself?

First, I'm a mom to such a cute little boy and a wife to the sweetest man I have ever known. I'm the youngest of four girls - my poor dad! I love the color pink, I always have. I love to dress up, but love my sweats even more! I also have fur children, a cat and dog, best of both worlds and yes, they fight like cats and dogs! 

I love people and I believe that's why I gravitate toward photography. Ever since I was young I've loved documenting the people and places of my life. I remember losing my camera on a family vacation, at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. I was maybe 10, it was my first camera (one of the wind up kind) and I left it on a bench. We went back to that bench and it was gone. Amazing luck I had that day as the park employees had found it! When we had the film developed we found pictures of people we had never met, having fun at the park, with my camera. Such a silly memory, but shows how meaningful pictures are and the memories they hold! 

That's what I want to do for your family. I want to capture the moments that you'll never forget. I want you to look back at your pictures and remember that time in your life, the joy of your children, the excitement of an unborn child and the love of your family!